Un Enamored

Enchanted and un-enchanted.
Tales of youth and age!

In our late twenties we'd finally asked ourselves, how much of our romantic tales were our own creation, and even so, whether they were or weren't, why had our parents allowed us to believe in the magic spell?

We grew up among…

Dream landing

The long road of missteps

It started as a dream. In it I was flying with wingsuit, a group of us training for landing. In the morning I repeated the dream to a friend, standing in the bird’s rib Oculus, leaning on a badly designed railing. I recalled the specifics…

Belgium | Photo by Alex Vasey

Coming down to it, just around a bend.

About that end.

Unimagined, somehow planned.

Nostalgia on completion.

Sometimes the temperature of the air brings with it recollection. Some part of the season, a range of emotions, the moisture in Johannesburg at 18 when the year was still 99.

How much of it can we keep?

It was all just living.

And the present.

I’ve got you coming back to it too. Like evenings before catching flights. Summer lakeside nights. Like father and son flying kites. Riding bikes down hill.

Schrodinger's girl

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

As if they saw all of life slightly differently, thin as can be, entirely differently. String theory, alternate plains, both of us still living but not in any of these worlds the same.

Some may see the interconnectness, as if while dying aware of a return journey, one universal truth…

Something to this pain

Perspectives from a series of unfortunate events.

Photo Stephane GodinJura Mountains, France

It crossed my mind once it started to rain, after I was drenched and cold and uncomfortable. That’s when it hit me, that there was something to this pain. I continued to drive, logging through words in my mind. "Each droplet, bullets to…

Zak Kaplan

Traveler, writer, bread-maker. Experiences of heart-mind, perspectives on love, loss, change. A human condition.

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