Northern California

Notes on living well

Photo by Julian Myles

1. Happiness is within.

Not within because it’s not without, but because it’s within your own understanding of self. An acceptance of all your selves, and an enjoyment of the journey you are experiencing in life. The outside matters, and causes us to feel, but the inside is what we own, and what makes us joyous in knowing ourselves.

2. You cannot know the destination any more than your past could have known how great it would feel to be who you are today. Accept that you are on a journey, most of which you will not control. But if you trust yourself and your judgments, you will be happy in the comfort of your decision making.

Trust yourself.

3. There is no urgency.

All of life is a construct, a construct on a spectrum of what you once had, and what you will one day have. In the greater view, you are just a being, breathing, and feeling. The idea of urgency is an attachment to the immediate. But you are infinite, and all the good is relative. So just ride the path and take it slow.

4. Stay humble.

Stay. Keep the above in perspective. Stay active on your humility. Never reach for your ego, it is unattractive and eventually failing.

5. Be courageous and daring.

Do that by accepting more of the world in, and by allowing more of the world to see you exactly as you are. You are not anyone else, and you yourself are beautiful not in comparison to anyone else. You are the only one that can feel your feelings, but you change the world around you by feeling them.

6. Live.

Know your limits but live. Don’t use walls or securities, but accept that it will hurt and it will recover. Write if you have to. Erase whenever you can. All good things last. The rest falls away eventually - by circumstance of change, inevitably. Continue until you find your plot of land. Then make a comfortable home on it. Live in your home. Build your home by trusting in those that you’ve accepted. Accept those that help you build a good home.

7. Be honest.

Be honest with yourself and others. The best parts are honest and without reserve.

8. Love.

All of life is love.

Love, but wisely. Keep space for empathy. Sometimes all a person needs to lift them out of their darkness is to be acknowledged.

To love is to acknowledge.

Acknowledge each other

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